Germany Marie Curie fellowships 2012

"We are looking for experienced researchers interested in a 2 year post-doc position funded by a Marie Curie fellowship (IEF or IIF). The candidate is asked to write a Marie Curie proposal in collaboration with us to undertake research on one of the following topics:
A) Stem cell cultivation and characterization
Knowledge of primary cell culture including cell isolation, cultivation and harvesting is required.
B) Stem cell fermentation
Knowledge of bioprocess engineering/bioreactor design/biophysics for stem cell cultivation in various scale-up systems including bioreactors is required.
C) In silico models
Knowledge of modeling to develop in silico models of fermentation processes to predict/develop scale-up of stem cell production is required".


The deadline for applications to Lonza is May 31st, 2012.


Germany Marie Curie fellowships 2012.pdf